We Have a Young and Vibrant Creative Team to Tailor-make Ideas Suited to Your Brand

We’re Experienced in Running Outdoor Roving and Mobile Events

UNICOM Marketing Specializes in Roving Truck Event and Corporate Road Show

Unicom Event Marketing was established in 2008 by a group of young entrepreneurs who had a vision of creating one of the strongest events & exhibition agencies targeting the youth market in Peninsular Malaysia. We’re experienced in running roving events as we specialise in outdoor roving & mobile events. We’re continuously expanding and passionate about giving clients an above par level of event & exhibition services.


Roving Truck Event

We have 10 Footer Truck, 15 Footer Truck, and 20 Footer Truck bringing your brand toward the exact target audience.

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Roving Ambassador Event

We have a lively ambassador team to carry walking billboards and distribute brochures, balloons and samples, engaging street audiences and attracting target audience attention.

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Roving Car Event

We have 4 wheel vehicles (4WD and Unique) to attract attention of the audience & increase visibility of your product.

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Corporate Road Show

We have been managing numerous corporate road shows at more than 50 corporate office locations; We are here to lead your brand towards your exact target market.

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All-In-One Roving Event Solution, More Than Just An Event Marketing Company

With more than 5 years in running roving event, we built a strong network to support your company roving event.

Truck Rental

We have 10 Footer Trucks, 15 Footer Trucks, and 20 Footer Trucks are ready to support your roving events. All rented truck can be roving to any location within Peninsular Malaysia.

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Additional Solutions

We are ready to back up you in the Emcee, usher/promoter/show girl, Balloon Clown/Magician, Mini Concert sound system, Mini Game set, Tailor made program & activities, Venue sourcing, and Mascot.

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Selection of Past and Present Clients Served By UNICOM Marketing

Looking for mobile truck & roving event? Contact UNICOM Event Marketing today to find out how we can bringing your brand towards exact target market.