In March 2018, the latest beauty brand on the block, 3INA, took to the streets with our 15-footer mobile event truck customized into an ultra-chic mobile beauty station.

We identified high-foot traffic locations across Klang Valley and spent 12-days tempting youth with an eye-catching truck decal. Using the extendable stage we invited audiences into the truck to see the attractive product showcase and receive quick lip-touch ups from Make-up Artists. It was a temptation few could refuse.

This activation helped 3INA break through the digital clutter and take their newly launched brand off the page and into the real world. By establishing a face-to-face connection with their target audience 3INA was able to cement their brand’s positioning and strengthen their social media marketing, public relations, and media strategies.

As the brand strives to deliver the next level of beauty democracy and encourage youth to “be yourself and shine”, our carefully selected Brand Ambassadors were critical for success. Our Brand Ambassadors didn’t just distribute bounce-back cards, they were trained to deliver the brand’s unique selling points. By doing so, they were able to ignite sales conversions. Their success is evidenced by the strong sales results which exceeded the brand’s expectations. Our Brand Ambassadors also helped maximize ROI by collating valuable consumer feedback directly from the target audience on key product attributes.

This effective on-ground activation helped 3INA achieve targeted awareness and presented a sensory experience that enabled a strong connection between the brand and the customer. It demonstrates our ability to turn sales opportunities into conversions.

Unicom Marketing