LED Truck
15 Footer

Generate even more exposure with our 15-foot LED mobile truck which offers a large LED panel on 1-side and an extendable stage to maximise audience engagement.

Comes with an air conditioner unit, and basic lighting set up. Frequently used as a mobile showroom, product gallery or showcase vehicle.

Overall Dimension: 15ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 7ft (W)
LED Specification: 12ft (L) x 6ft (H) – p4.81

LED Truck
20 Footer

Make sure your message is heard loud and clear with a raised-LED panel on top of our 20-foot mobile truck.

The extendable stage and large space allows for separate compartments within the truck and is commonly used for entertainment style activations and mobile sales stores. Air-conditioning and basic light set up is included.

Overall Dimension: 20ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 7ft (W)
LED Specification: 15ft (L) x 6ft (H) – p4.81

LED Truck
48 Footer

Our mobile event space just got BIGGER! Introducing the newest member of our team, a monster 48-foot event trailer complemented with a huge raised LED panel, large extended stage 106 sq. feet and a spacious interior offering 206 sq. feet. Air-conditioning and basic lighting set up is included.

Interior Dimension: 24ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 8ft (W)
LED Specification: 18ft (L) x 6ft (H) – p4.81

LED Truck
Kombi Van

Stand out in a crowd with our quirky and unique Kombi van, which is available with an LED screen to help deliver your brand message. Generally converted into a sales and sampling concept.

Overall Dimension: 14ft (L) x 5ft (H) x 5ft (W)
LED Specification: 1920mm (L) x 1080mm (H) – p3.91