In May 2018, the latest multi brand beauty concept store, PLAY UP, took to the streets with our unique vintage car customized into an eye-catching, insta-worthy photo opportunity.

To drive brand awareness of the new concept store, accelerate retail visits and increase Facebook followers, we identified high-foot traffic locations across Klang Valley and ideated a fun activity to engage female millennials.

We know that it’s more than just ‘free stuff’ that attracts millennials, so we transformed the ordinary sampling experience by designing fun elements to attract and engage youth. First, our vintage convertible car was wrapped with a hot-pink color sticker and decorated with colorful balloons. It was the envy of almost every girl! It created a great user generated content opportunity as few could refuse stopping to and take a selfie with the vibrant pink vintage car. Then, our carefully selected and trained Brand Ambassadors took everyone back to their childhood days by offering free balloons. The twist was audiences had to burst the balloons to redeem their prizes inside. The exhilarating feeling of bursting the balloons was enjoyed by the students and the sound helped attract greater crowds. Audiences were invited to redeem their prizes at retail stores where they were able to discover that PLAY UP offers more than 10,000 products from across the globe.

This fun on-ground activation shows how brands can create targeted awareness and turn opportunities into conversions. Our ability to provide a mobile solution enabled the brand to go directly to their customers, rather than asking, or waiting for audiences to go to them. This established face-to-face connections which cemented the right brand impression. While digital strategies are no doubt effective, this on-ground activation complemented digital efforts as it bypassed the commercial clutter. As we say, if content is king, then engagement is queen!

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