In May 2018, we made an unimaginable experience a reality! We gave over 10,000 people the opportunity to experience Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class and Suites, without even boarding a plane!

Using our 15-footer mobile event truck and 44-footer LED Trailer we built a mock-up of the Singapore Airlines luxury flight experience and took to the roads to allow audiences to ‘experience the difference’ first-hand.

To make this highly successful campaign possible our first step was to understand the communication and marketing challenges. This was the first time Singapore Airlines was bringing their highly exclusive experience to the public on a mega-scale and we were able to provide a consumer-focussed and cost-effective mobile event solution that would maximise exposure. By taking the product directly to consumers, and handling logistics, production and event staffing all under one roof we were able to reduce the marketing spend required to promote the event and the number of suppliers required.

Then, we became obsessed with creating focussed and strategic solutions to reach the right target audience. To reach masses with a propensity to travel and PMEBs we identified high-traffic locations throughout Singapore in key business districts. Leveraging our network of contacts, we oversaw venue management so that the trucks could stop at Vivo City, Ocean Financial Centre, Tanjong Pagar Centre, ION Orchard, Fusionopolis, and Suntec City.

Next, we capitalised on the raised LED screen and extended stages of the trailer to ideate interactive elements to bring an added energy, get audiences involved, strengthen brand recall and drive mentions on social media. This included an engaging emcee to create hype, photo printing to trigger brand recall post-event, and a digital spin-the-wheel contest and virtual reality experience to increase audience engagement. To boost online exposure audiences were encouraged to take selfies to show-off their A380 Business Suites experience with the opportunity to win a pair of flight tickets.

Then, we showed our devotion to making the unimaginable possible. This required a total makeover of our 15-footer mobile truck as well as our newest 44-footer LED trailer and sourcing of highly professional event staff. To maintain the airlines position of carrier of choice and industry leadership, quality, precision and superior customer service was a key focus. Our fabrication team worked relentlessly to successfully re-create the high-quality cabin interior of the A380 Business Suites. We also found the right people, with the right attitude, look and communication skills to serve as the event brand ambassador.

This unique activation enabled Singapore Airlines to drive purchase consideration, experience a rise in social media activity and generated significant media exposure. It demonstrates that while consumer touchpoints have certainly changed, human nature hasn’t – our senses are still the key to purchasing decisions. As we say, if content is king, then engagement is queen!

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