In July 2018, Formula 1 2018 – Singapore Grand Prix, engaged our 24-footer mobile event truck to encourage community involvement for the inaugural Singapore F1. Using our trucks, the agency involved ideated a unique strategy to enhance awareness and community involvement of the F1 race away from the racetrack.

Knowing that not everyone can attend the F1, Singapore GP took their brand directly to the customer. Using our 24-footer mobile event truck, which comes with air-conditioning and basic lighting. The truck was customised inside and out, and 3 racing simulators and 2 interactive screens were installed onboard.

Over 3-months, our mobile event truck suburban shopping malls, schools and communities’ centres to engage communities. This unique on-ground activation helped the brand to connect with their audiences in a fun and memorable way. Key to the project’s success was the mobile event solution that allowed Singapore GP to be delivered directly to the customer and a vast coverage of the island by moving point-to-point with ease.

It demonstrates how brands can move beyond the one-size-fits-all, been-there-done-that experience to build loyalty, create awareness and connect. By allowing their audience to have a good time, Singapore GP was able to cut through the clutter of today’s digital world – as we say, if content is king then engagement is queen.

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