In February 2018, trusted traditional Chinese medicine brand, Eu Yan Sang, took to the roads to join in the CNY celebrations and give their audience something to shout about!

Using two of our 10-footer mobile event trucks and our leading-edge digital technology we spent 1 month travelling across Peninsula Malaysia to help bring their brand to life.

Audiences were invited to put their health and vocals to the test by shouting into the digital panels installed onto the side of our truck. Those who were able to shout loud enough, and sustain their voice were rewarded with a prize!

The experience was so enjoyable, audiences queued to join in the fun and the brand even witnessed repeat players following the event truck from outlet to outlet. Eu Yan Sang leveraged on this opportunity to engage the active audience with key brand messages. Indeed, the oldest form of event marketing – flyer distribution, is still effective when done right. Unsolicited flyers end up as trash, but our Brand Ambassadors established a face-to-face connection first and made audiences feel valuable which in turn sparked interest.

This unique on-ground activation helped the brand to connect with their audiences in a fun and memorable way. It demonstrates how brands can move beyond the one-size-fits-all, been-there-done-that experience to build loyalty, create awareness and connect. By allowing their audience to have a good time, Eu Yan Sang was able to cut through the digital clutter and cement a strong brand position that accelerates brand recall.

As we say, if content is king, then engagement is queen!

Unicom Marketing