In October 2017, popular furniture retailer, Courts took to the roads with our mobile event trucks for their award-winning “Come Sleep with Us” campaign. Their mission was to help Singaporeans enjoy a better sleep and they achieved this by turning an out-of-the-box idea into a reality.

Driven by the alarming figures that only 4 in 10 Singaporeans are getting a good night sleep, and conscious of the fact that traditional retail channels and consumer touchpoints have changed, the agency involved ideated a unique strategy to enhance trial of courts mattresses.

Knowing that it would be difficult to incentivise busy PMEB’s to visit retail stores, the agency made use of our mobile solutions so that Courts could take their product directly to the customer. Using both our 15-footer and 24-footer mobile event truck, which come with air-conditioning and basic lighting we visited busy office areas and financial districts to surprise sleep deprived and stressed audiences.

At a time and place where they least expected it audiences were offered short recharge opportunities. We’re not just talking small recharge pods to sit in, we recreated a home bedroom and installed a Courts queen size luxurious mattress inside our trucks. The brand didn’t just want to tell people about their product, they recognised our senses are still the key to purchasing decisions and wanted to give Singaporeans the opportunity to feel the difference a Courts mattress could make.

Being the first mobile bedroom in Singapore this consumer driven campaign was a huge success. By taking the product directly to the consumer and creating a face-to-face experience the brand was able to improve brand awareness and recall. It demonstrates how unique on-ground activations can help brands cut through the clutter of today’s digital world – as we say, if content is king then engagement is queen!

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