Interactive Digital Devices

Create experiential zones with your brand.

Bring Your Event Into The Digital Age


The way customers engage with a brand changes at an incredibly fast pace. People do not just see a brand, create a real touchpoint between the public and your brand is powerful. We design interactive activities to get your attendees involved, discover secret facts about your brand, drive mentions on social media and strengthen brand recall.


At Unicom Marketing, we provide a full range of event interactive digital devices, including photo/ video booths, touch screen panels, holograms, interactive vending machines, product vending machines, mirror panels, interactive fridge, information kiosks, interactive display box and more.


The possibilities for you to strategically position interactive digital devices are endless. Our team can guide you through the options and customise the displays to meet your event branding objectives.

Our range of Digital Hardware Devices:

  • Photo booths
  • Video booths
  • Mirror Panel
  • Touch screen panels
  • Holograms
  • Interactive vending machines

  • Product vending machines
  • Mirror panels
  • Interactive fridge
  • Information kiosks
  • Interactive display box

Additional Services

Want to take your events to the next
level? We provide integrated marketing solutions from mobile event trucks, on-ground & online digital brand activation to interactive digital solutions.


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Unicom Marketing has a long established, talented team with excellent credentials. Our people lead and deliver projects with accountability. We stay close to our clients, create and deliver as one team.


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Unicom Marketing is a company you can trust to plan, design and execute event marketing. We strive to offer our customers first class services and products at the best value for money.


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