Roving Ambassador Event

Roving Ambassador Event is an effective marketing strategy to bringing your products towards exact target audience. It’s able to attract attention of the audience & increase visibility of your product. With our Roving Ambassador Event service, we bringing ambassador team everywhere on the road and it will increase efficiency & flexibility of the event by reaching out more location.

roving-4wd-car-event Walking Billboard & Ambassador Team

Walking Billboard Package

Ambassadors will be carrying the walking billboard to distribute broacher & attract target audience attention.

☑ Graphic Size:

    ☑ Back side: 138x57cm/54.4×22.44inch
    ☑ Front side: 59x57cm/23.23×22.44inch

Ambassador Team Package

☑ Cosplay
☑ Balloon Distribution
☑ Sampling girl
☑ Boucher distribution
☑ Street audience engagement

Looking for Roving Ambassador Event service? Contact UNICOM Event Marketing today to find out how we can bringing your brand towards exact target market.